Relationship Goals: Drop the Mop

November 10, 2017

Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy—but not busy mopping. In fact, today I mopped for the first time in more than two years. And I don’t mean I haven’t deep-clean mopped in two years. I mean I haven’t Swiffer Wet Jett-ed or anything. And today, that’s all I really did—was wet jet. I don’t think I’ll ever really mop again. :)


And here’s the deal. No. One. Cared.


Not one.


In those two years, we’ve hosted family and friends on hundreds of occasions. We’ve laughed and cried together. Had delicious and not-so-delicious meals together. Prayed together. Played together. And in all that time, not a single person looked at or commented on my floors. (Or maybe they did, and they think I’m super lazy and dirty. Either way, life has moved forward—sparkling floors or not.)


I used to let the weight of deep cleaning keep me frantic and stressed. I’d spend all day Saturday cleaning so we’d be ready for our church friends on Sunday. But after the mad-dash of the week and a marathon cleaning spree, I’d be shredded. And when you’re empty, you certainly can’t really pour into anyone else.


There were plenty of nights I wouldn’t invite friends over because I couldn’t host to perfection. I’d have a little Martha demon on my shoulder whispering that my friends would judge me or think I didn’t have it all together (which I didn't).


[Photo: Me, literally the last time I cleaned my floors two years ago in preparation for my dear friend Rachel to visit. She wouldn't have cared either.]


But you know what, over these last two years, our community has grown so much more deeply. We spend time chatting around the table with friends on a Monday night (even when I’ve been at the office all day), and we share breakfasts on Saturday mornings. Dropping my duties so I can deepen my relationships has been one of the best trades I’ve ever made.


I don’t always (read: almost never) offer perfectly decorated homemade pastries anymore, and the dog hair isn’t always brushed off the couch. And now as you know, my floors are never clean. But that stuff just doesn’t matter. People do. And the ones who care about you aren’t going to care about your floors.


So give yourself a break. Enjoy your parties instead of slaving over them. Relax and build relationships. You’ll be so glad you did—and so will your friends. :)


What are things you've let go of so you can live your life more fully? Love to chat about it in the comments. 

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