Ready. Set. Stall. How to Start a Blog—Maybe, Eventually.

July 22, 2017

So I think it’s fitting that my next post be about actually starting this darn thing. I’ve been obsessing for years about starting a blog of some sort. I’ve bought enough $10 websites to cover a small trip. And I’ve kicked around basic topic ideas more times than I can count.


There was a personal finance blog, a branding (I work in marketing for my actual job) blog, a vegetarian cooking blog, a kitchen tools review blog…you get it. And all these things do really interest me.


But minimalism—savoring the simple joys of life—making space for the important things: that’s what makes me tick. It lets me breathe and enjoy. So I landed on Made for Minimal.


Great. Then I sat on that title for months.


Throughout the first half of this year, I kept being drawn back to it. I’ve been reading a steady (ok, slow and steady :P) stream of books about rejecting perfectionism, simplifying, intentional living, resting in God’s ability, decluttering, living in community, etc. And they’ve just layered on top of each other to offer a little more peace and a little more freedom.


I’ve felt more and more compelled to share some of my story, experiences and ideas to hopefully help take a little bit of pressure off of some of you, too.


So I wrote my first post. And sat on it.


That brings us to yesterday. I wrote my dear, sweet, wonderful mother and told her I was starting the blog. I hadn’t told anyone it was up. And she did what any overly-proud, dear, sweet, wonderful mom would do. She shared it on facebook. With all of you. (It was there for the sharing, I was just too embarrassed to actually do it.)


So welcome. :)


I was sitting at a friend’s birthday dinner last night when I got a text from one of my best friends.


“Hey blogger friend. Will you still be my friend when you’re famous? ;)”


“Ha! What!” “How do you know about this?”


“Your mom posted it on fb.”


“Oh my gosh!” :P


I pulled up my app and saw so many of your encouraging comments. I was so nervous. I didn’t even have comments enabled on the site yet. “And what will people think of me starting a blog? It’s gonna seem stupid.”


But this is what this blog is about. Beating perfectionism and making space for the things you love. And I love y’all. So here we go.


One of the comments last night was from a dear family friend. She said, “Sometimes DONE is better than PERFECT.” Well, it’s done. :)



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